New year; new enhancements for Azurati’s enterprise mobility solutions

The development team at Azurati would even have impressed Santa’s Elves this Holiday season with the raft of new exciting innovations and enhancements that they have managed to roll-out to support our secure, cross-platform mobile enterprise proposition.

Today, we are excited to announce a number of new innovations that have not previously been available to any enterprise mobile users, which we hope will boost the adoption of HTML5-based mobile applications in the enterprise:

Azurati Mobile Portal
The Azurati Mobile Portal provides a new way for enterprise users to access HTML5-based mobile applications securely from any mobile device.  With the Azurati Mobile Portal, enterprise users are able to authenticate themselves once and then use the Mobile Portal interface as an HTML5 mobile application launchpad, enabling mobile apps to be launched with secure single sign-on.

Azurati Mobile Portal for HTML5 mobile applications

The Azurati Mobile Portal is great for both IT and the mobile user community because it provides a secure environment to access HTML5 mobile applications that can be centrally controlled (without needing expensive Mobile Device Management solutions).

HTML5 mobile applications are published to the Azurati Mobile Portal via the Azurati ASAP mobile application platform.

Azurati Apps
Azurati Apps are HTML5 applications that can be developed as cross-platform mobile applications from the ground-up, or as cross-platform mobile versions of existing enterprise software applications.

What’s more, for the first time, Microsoft SharePoint users who frequently access custom developed Web Parts in SharePoint, can create specific full-screen mobile applications from Web Parts that can be accessed via the Azurati Mobile Portal.  Examples of these may be Staff Contact lists, Product data lists, Company news and discussions, etc.

Azurati Apps

Azurati Apps can be developed to support Dynamic Offline access so that mobile users can continue to work and be productive even when Internet connectivity is lost.

Enhancements to Azurati V-Parts in SharePoint2Go
Azurati has made a number of enhancements to our V-Part architecture that now makes it easier than ever to convert custom developed SharePoint Web Parts and access them via Azurati’s cross-platform mobile SharePoint solution, SharePoint2Go.

If you find that the true value in SharePoint is not in its out-of-the-box feature set, but in the custom developed Web Parts and SharePoint apps (like Staff contact lists, project task lists, company news, BI reports, sales pipeline data, etc.), then for the first time, you will be able to continue to use these functions

Live editing of documents from SharePoint2Go
A common request from Azurati customers was the ability to edit documents from SharePoint2Go.  Up until now, this has been technically complex because of the fact that SharePoint2Go is a mobile web application.  However, we are pleased to announce a new capability that will allow live editing of documents from SharePoint2Go using Microsoft Office Web Apps on iPads.

The following screenshots show how this works (click images to view enlarged view):

1. Select document from library

Azurati doc live edit 1

2. Select Edit Document

Azurati doc live edit 2

3. Edit document in Microsoft Web Apps (this requires a valid user licence for Office Web Apps)

Azurati doc live edit 4 4. Save document

azurati doc live edit 5 5. Document edits are saved back to SharePoint2Go

azurati doc live edit 6

SharePoint2Go On-Premise deployments
We are pleased to announce also, that we are now able to offer On-Premise deployments of SharePoint2Go in addition to our standard Microsoft Azure Cloud option.  Enterprise customers who feel that they are unable to make use of Cloud-based services may install the Azurati SharePoint2Go server on internal servers behind the corporate firewall.

More information about Azurati
If you are considering HTML5-based mobile applications as part of your enterprise mobility strategy or if you would like to understand more about any of these announcements and Azurati’s HTML5 enterprise mobility solutions, please contact us via


Azurati launches SharePoint2Go – a new secure cross-platform mobile SharePoint experience

Earlier this week, Azurati launched SharePoint2Go, a new cross-platform mobile SharePoint solution that allows mobile enterprise users to access Microsoft SharePoint securely on any smartphone or tablet.

Here are some of the key features of SharePoint2Go:

BYOD-ready (Bring your own device) and cross-platform support
Business users increasingly have an expectation that they will be able to bring devices that they purchase and use in their private lives in to the workplace and expect to be able to connect with enterprise applications, like corporate email, CRM and their SharePoint environment.

Whether your business has a Bring your own Device policy or a multiple mobile platform and device policy, SharePoint2Go is ready to provide access to your corporate SharePoint environment on any mobile device (and Apple Mac computers).

Read more about how SharePoint2Go and BYOD here:

Mobile security
Concern over mobile security is the number one concern cited by CIOs and the main factor that is preventing the deployment of mobile applications for enterprise use.  That is why Azurati has made mobile security a cornerstone of its enterprise mobile proposition.  SharePoint2Go offers multiple authentication options (from 2-factor and SAML tokens, to forms and basic authentication).  Additionally, the SharePoint2Go mobile environment is protected by 256-bit encryption and a zero footprint policy, meaning that no residual content or data is left on the mobile device, so that information security cannot be compromised if the device is misplaced or stolen.

For more information on Azurati’s mobile security options, click here:

Mobile optimized user experience
SharePoint2Go automatically renders the user interface design so that it is optimized for the smartphone or tablet being used, making sure that the mobile SharePoint user experience is consistent across different platforms and form factors.

Branding and customization
SharePoint2Go enterprise edition customers are able to brand and customize the SharePoint2Go interface – a small feature that can have a big impact on brand communications, particularly for customer-facing staff.

V-Parts™: support for custom SharePoint Web Parts
Many SharePoint environments include custom developed WebParts, or apps that provide views or access to other information, data and content sources, like:

  • Company staff contact directory
  • weather
  • CRM pipleline
  • Management reports
  • ERP (SAP, Oracle or Dynamics) financial data

SharePoint2Go is unique in that it allows custom developed SharePoint WebParts to be converted in to mobile viewable V-Parts™ so that they can be accessed by mobile users via SharePoint2Go on any smartphone or tablet.

Central user management
Managing hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of users with SharePoint2Go is painless through the solution’s central user management and administration console.

Mobile user administrators can manage and administer user accounts from their mobile device or from a standard desktop browser.  Deploying SharePoint2Go can also be conducted easily by central admistrators.

Visit for more information and to request a free 30 day trial of SharePoint2Go.

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