Mobile SharePoint to complement your BYOD or COPE mobile strategy

According to a recent poll by Azurati, access to mobile SharePoint is seen to be one of the most critical must-have mobile enterprise applications for organisations who are looking to deploy enterprise applications to mobile users as part of a BYOD or COPE (Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled) mobile strategy.

Social Collaboration, workflow approvals and BI dashboards also scored highly amongst those who responded.

Providing mobile SharePoint access to users securely on multiple mobile devices is a challenge if you are looking to exploit the native templates and functionality in SharePoint.  Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider licencing a vendor-developed solution, like Azurati’s SharePoint2Go®:

Enabling mobile users to authenticate across the corporate firewall to access internal applications, like SharePoint, is often the single biggest challenge that IT teams will face.  Azurati makes authentication and secure access easy, because we have done all of the hard work for you and provide 15 options for enterprise customers to set up secure authentication to their SharePoint environment in a simple Wizard interface.

Azurati also supports multiple methods of authentication, allowing options like federated profiles (so users can use their standard Active Directory credentials, or they can log on using external authentication providers, like their Window Live ID, Google or Yahoo accounts.  This option is often useful if you are thinking about providing mobile SharePoint access to external stakeholders or temporary staff).

Cross-platform and form factor support
Azurati’s SharePoint2Go solution guarantees to support any smartphone or tablet on the market, including devices like Windows Surface RT tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and the upcoming Blackberry 10 range of devices, as well as standard mobile platforms like IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices; making Azurati your ideal BYOD partner.

You can customise the standard mobile templates that ship with Microsoft SharePoint, but they require extensive specialist developers to create specific templates for target mobile platforms and form factors, which will need to be updated as new devices emerge on the market.

Branding and UI customisation
Microsoft’s latest guidelines are for SharePoint developers to not customise the SharePoint interface.  For those companies that have invested significant time and money in their corporate identity and brand and who wish to extend that identity to mobile SharePoint users, Azurati’s SharePoint2Go solution will allow full branding and UI customisation to truly make your mobile SharePoint yours.

Support for mobile WebParts
It is rare these days to find a SharePoint implementation that does not include some elements of custom developed components, or WebParts.  WebParts often make SharePoint come to life as a corporate Intranet platform or ECM platform by providing views and access to functionality like Staff contact lists, company news and events, weather, advanced search, recently edited documents, BI/Management reports and dashboard, Sales pipeline data, etc.

You should ask a simple question:  if your users make use of custom developed WebParts in the desktop version of SharePoint, should all or some of those WebParts be made available to mobile users?

There is of course one major challenge here.  All mobile SharePoint solutions on the market (including the native mobile option from Microsoft), with the exception of Azurati, can only display standard SharePoint features (like documents, news, list data, calendars, tasks, etc) to mobile users.

Azurati allows custom developed WebParts to be transformed in to mobile WebParts, or V-Parts®, as Azurati calls them.  V-Parts can allow custom WebParts to be used interactively within the SharePoint2Go solution on any mobile device. V-Parts can also be developed to operate in dynamic offline mode, so you can continue working even if you do not have internet connectivity.

Special offer for SharePoint Conference 2012 delegates
If you are currently attending the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, you may qualify for a 30% discount on SharePoint2Go licenses if you purchase SharePoint2Go for your users before 31 December 2012.  All you have to do is send us a photo or scanned image of your conference pass (like the one shown below) to qualify:

If you are thinking about deploying mobile SharePoint, this is a great opportunity for you to do so at a great discount.

For more information about Azurati and SharePoint2Go, the secure cross-platform mobile SharePoint solution, please visit and request a free 14 day trial.


Windows Phone tipped to take #2 spot in worldwide sales by 2015

It might sound incredible, but new independent research by IHS iSuppli, predicts that Windows Phone will take the number two spot in mobile platform sales by 2015.

iSuppli, a well regarded research organisation, bases its prediction on the strong support and commitment to Windows Phone powered devices by Nokia.  The research indicates that devices like the Nokia Lumia 900 will be the catalyst for explosive growth in Windows Phone-powered devices and renew the fortunes of Nokia, who had lost market share in recent years to Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS.

In 2015 it is predicted that 16.7% of smatphones shipped will be powered by Windows Phone, up from a meagre 1.9% in 2011, but only fractionally ahead of iOS-powered devices.

What this reasearch does not consider is how the market will react to future iPhone and iPad releases from Apple.  Early indications are that the iPad 4 will experience unprecedented demand with the certain inclusion of Siri, a higher resolution screen and thinner design.

The ever-changing mobile device landscape looks set to cause continued problems for IT departments looking to formulate a logical and cohesive enterprise mobility strategy.  Do you nominate a single device based on the current market as a corporate standard, or do you follow the path that an increasing number of public and private organisations are following and implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy, where a user is able to bring any smartphone or tablet device in to the workplace and where the IT function becomes responsible for information and user security only?

Azurati, as a promising and emerging player in the secure mobile enterprise application market, supports the BYOD strategy whole-heartedly.  After all, how many people do you know today who are using Windows Phone-powered devices?

If the research from iSuppli is to be believed, there will be significantly more by 2015 and yet another device to support, if a BYOD strategy is not implemented.

Secure Mobile SharePoint has a new name

London, 1 February 2012. A new name in mobile SharePoint solutions for enterprise users has been born.   Azurati, the new name for Simply SharePoint, will focus on developing world-class secure mobile solutions for enterprise users.

Azurati also announces that its flagship solution, SharePoint2Go™ , a solution that provides mobile enterprise users with secure access to Microsoft SharePoint on any mobile or tablet device, has been released to final beta version.

SharePoint2Go has a number of unique features, like:

  • Intuitive mobile interface that supports all mobile and tablet devices
  • Accessing multiple on-premise or cloud based SharePoint sites
  • Single Sign-On and encrypted authentication for accessing multiple SharePoint sites
  • Support for PKI encryption and Mobile VPN access
  • Ability to convert custom WebParts in to Azurati V-Parts so that they can be used on mobile devices through SharePoint2Go
  • Ability to brand and customise the mobile UI
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options

For more information e-mail or book a free trial of SharePoint2Go at: