Azurati launches Gone Fishing, a new free HTML5 Out of Office notification app

Gone fishingHave you ever left the office to go on a business trip or on vacation and forgotten to set your Out of Office notification?  Azurati has come to the rescue with the immediate availability of a new free HTML5 application called Gone Fishing™!

Gone Fishing is available on any mobile device as an HTML5 mobile web application and allows users to set their Out of Office notifications in Microsoft Exchange, modify the Out of Office message and turn the notification off.

Azurati developed the Gone Fishing app as a sample mobile web application to be published into the Azurati Mobile Portal™, an HTML5 mobile application container that allows corporate users to access corporately approved mobile web applications securely from any mobile device.

Here are some details of how the Gone Fishing app works:

  • The user accesses the Gone Fishing app through the Azurati Mobile Portal in the normal way. And chooses the Gone Fishing App.

Azurati Gone Fishing app1


  • After the user enters their mail box address, the Gone Fishing app then retrieves their current out of office message status from the Exchange Server. The user can then choose to turn off or turn on/update their message. In this case I already have an out of office message which reads “Gone fishing”, I disable my out of office message and then set it to read “Gone fishing to Alaska”.

Azurati Gone Fishing app2


  • Once an out of office message has been set, the change happens immediately on the Exchange server as can be seen from the test e-mail below.  The Gone Fishing app can also be installed on the home screen, like other web apps.

Azurati Gone Fishing app3


  • The Gone Fishing app stores the user’s mail box in persistent HTML5 storage. This means that when the user next accesses the App, they don’t need to type in their mail box address again. The App also automatically retrieves the user’s out of office message status on start-up  The App also gives the user the ability to clear all the stored data.

Azurati Gone Fishing app4


  • Offline mode.  The App will run in offline mode, although because it relies on a connection to the server, all it’s functions are disabled.

Azurati Gone Fishing app5


  • However, the Gone Fishing app automatically detects when the status of the connection changes and the App is online again. At this point it will automatically retrieve the user’s out of office message status.

Azurati Gone Fishing app6


  • A new feature of this App is that is can automatically detect when a new version of the App is available on the Mobile Portal and it prompts the users to install the new update. This code can be added to other HTML5 Apps published by developers to the Azurati Mobile Portal container.

Azurati Gone Fishing app7


If you find it frustrating when you leave the office and forget to set your MS Outlook Out of Office reminder, get in touch with Azurati and we will happily set you up with our free Gone Fishing HTML5 web app.

Equally, if you are looking to deploy HTML5 web applications in your business, have a chat with Azurati about how we can help you manage your HTML5 web apps in our new secure HTML5 Application Container solution, the Azurati Mobile Portal.



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