Blackberry Balance: On balance – this is a great solution!

RIM has decided to fight its way back from the abyss through innovation and remembering where it came from.  The new Blackberry 10 smartphone device includes many smart innovations and enhancements, but perhaps the most important feature is one that RIM actually announced some time ago, but really comes in to its own on the Blackberry 10.

This is called Blackberry Balance – it allows the Blackberry device to be compartmentalised into work and play.  If you like, it is a BYOD or COPE (Corporately Owned, Privately Enabled) dream.  The corporate-side of the device allows enterprise mobile applications to operate in a secure environment, with MDM-style remote wipe functions; while the private-side of the device allows the user to add applications, images and content from their private lives and not have to live in fear that their employer will instantaneously remote-wipe their children’s birthday party photos.

While the mass media was busy writing RIM off, RIM has been busy reinventing itself with an almost complete re-write of the Blackberry operating system and now stands an excellent chance of regaining some of the traction and market share that it lost in the enterprise space with a smart new device that looks good and will almost certainly appeal to companies who are looking to allow personal use on mobile devices, but control corporate application and information access.

… and if you were wondering, yes Azurati’s SharePoint2Go solution will provide secure access to mobile SharePoint on the Blackberry 10.


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