Secure Mobile SharePoint has a new name

London, 1 February 2012. A new name in mobile SharePoint solutions for enterprise users has been born.   Azurati, the new name for Simply SharePoint, will focus on developing world-class secure mobile solutions for enterprise users.

Azurati also announces that its flagship solution, SharePoint2Go™ , a solution that provides mobile enterprise users with secure access to Microsoft SharePoint on any mobile or tablet device, has been released to final beta version.

SharePoint2Go has a number of unique features, like:

  • Intuitive mobile interface that supports all mobile and tablet devices
  • Accessing multiple on-premise or cloud based SharePoint sites
  • Single Sign-On and encrypted authentication for accessing multiple SharePoint sites
  • Support for PKI encryption and Mobile VPN access
  • Ability to convert custom WebParts in to Azurati V-Parts so that they can be used on mobile devices through SharePoint2Go
  • Ability to brand and customise the mobile UI
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options

For more information e-mail or book a free trial of SharePoint2Go at:


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